Chitila City Logistics

Location: Bucuresti, zona Chitila
Availability: send inquiry


This 3.2 ha property available for BTS opportunities is located nearby Bucharest city ring road, providing fast access to the capital city and the rest of the country via A1, A2, A3 highways and the future A0 highway. Public transportation is available nearby (bus lines & Chitila train station), making this park an ideal location for production & logistics activities. Another key advantage is the proximity to a rail terminal (1.4 km).

Technical specification

  • Total developed
    Under development
  • Clear height
    10.5 m clear height
  • Loading floor capacity
    5 t/sq.m
  • LED lighting
  • Grid system
    12×24 m
  • Sprinkler system
  • All utilities available
  • Loading docks 1/800 sq.m
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