VGP Park Brasov

Location: Brașov
Area: 108.333 sq. m
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VGP Park Brașov is located in the center of Romania, in the city of Brașov, only 166 kilometers from the country’s capital, Bucharest. Brașov is an important industrial center in Romania. On an area of over 220,000 m2, VGP will develop approximately 108,000 m2 of logistics and industrial spaces. The ensemble is located near the European Road E68, in the center of the industrial area of Brașov and provides direct access to the main road. With over 250,000 inhabitants, numerous schools and 9 universities, Brașov offers skilled workforce to the highest standards.

Technical specification

  • Total developed
    192.626 sqm
  • Building name
    Warehoue I
  • Clear height
    12 m clear height
  • Floor loading capacity
    5 tone/sqm
  • Sprinkler system
  • LED lighting
  • Column Grid
    12×24 m
  • Dive in doors
  • Load docks
  • Fully fit office and social areas
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